Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Three things...

1. I have been away from this blog.

  • Obviously I haven't posted anything on here since my Birthday. Not for wanting to. I have sat down to this empty page several time only to find I had little to nothing to say. And sometimes, if you have nothing to say then you should just keep your mouth shut!
  • I have missed writing here. Wishing I had some profound thought to dump into the great web.
  • I have enjoyed not pressuring myself to put something up here regardless. I wanted it to come naturally and not be a chore. There are enough chores in life without adding to them willingly and without greater purpose. This is just one sounding board, a voice in the darkness. Not a necessity, so I haven't treated it like one. So it remains fun and pleasurable.

2. The Summer (meaning, Summer break for the kids from school, not the calendar season) was so short!

  • We closed our office in town, so I was back to working from home full time (with the exception of occasional travel), and I had begun to dread trying to balance life/work with the boys running in and out and over and under all day while I tried to get work done. But it turned out to not be too bad at all, and it went by so quickly!  Now I miss them being at hand now that the break is over and they have returned to school.
  • It is weird that not all the children feel that it went by in a flash. It's bizarre how we each have our own unique, subjective perceptions of time. 
  • But also, the weather. I am not a fan of hot weather, it wears me down. So, this part, the revolution of the Earth around the sun, bringing in cooler weather (in a month or two) is something I appreciate. Though I have tried to spend more time outside this Summer to acclimate and build up my tolerance to the heat (since overall it's not going anywhere). I also bought a bicycle which I have started riding around a few times a week.
3. Podcasts are cool.
  • I have tried several times before to get into podcasts. Then recently I learning of 'fiction' podcasts that I tried out and now I'm listening all day to all kinds of stuff. It's a great way to get info on the run, or relaxing with a game in the evening or before bed, or just about any other time you can fit it it.
  • The variety available is great. There's some really interesting stuff out there and I suggest at least taking a peek. Surely you can find something of interest!
  • I started out listening on Google Play Music, then tried switching to Google's new Podcasts app, but it is way too young and lacking in functionality (and a little buggy with downloads) for me. So now I back to Pocket Casts, which is pretty darn good.

Well, that's all. Maybe you'll hear from me in a week. :)