Sunday, May 27, 2018

You Are Alone - more about mistakes

Let me lay it to you straight: if you are maneuvering through life and things get hard, no one else is going to do it for you.

You cannot succeed with that expectation.

If you are lucky, you have good, solid support from the people in your life, but no one can do it for you.

My first job hosted a banner as you walked through the entrance that read: "Do It Right The First Time."
Though a nice sentiment, it's hardly practical. How on Earth is that even possible 99% of the time? Even in the most mundane tasks, we tend to learn better from our failures, especially if we own them, than from our successes. Overcoming obstacles, especially our own, is easily our proudest moments (in m experience, anyway).

I now say to almost everyone I get into conversations about such things with: "Do It Wrong The First Time!"
This is the first step to true personal freedom. We are going to make mistakes, in recognizing that and owning that mistake we are taking responsibility for our life and our actions into our own hands.

What could be more empowering?

Yes. I am saying that screwing up is empowering.

And by owning it I do not mean making excuses. That is the opposite.
All you need is the facts.
I did this.
This is a result of my actions.

And I will recover.

The sun still rises the next morning.
The birds still sing.
The dogs still bark.
The mail still runs.