Sunday, May 20, 2018

Gathering Dust - Slowing Down to Speed Up

It feels like a week of not getting things done.

The things I wanted to pay attention to have been eclipsed by a demanding work load and the weather.
Neither of which are totally under my control.

What I have trouble with, however, is not the 'not getting to do the things I want to do', but with 'now that I don't get to do what I wanted, I am not going to do anything else'.

I am just realizing that I should have backup plans.
My default is watch TV/Movie, play video games, or read.

Though none of those is absolutely terrible on their own (especially not reading), but I could still use the time I do have, even when not as purposeful or ideal as my primary objective, on one or more of the many secondary things on my 'to do' list.

Sometimes this works itself out naturally.
Most of the times it doesn't.

I have lists.

Most of the time I check them.

I tried bullet journaling. And that's really neat and fun for a while, but the energy for me burned out. It's a lot of work.
So, I tried a Panda Planner. I think it really is a useful tool for prepping the day. I have a hard to sticking to it, though.

I use Todoist for my recurring items.
I use a mixture of Outlook tasks and Microsoft's To Do for work items.

The in-between items is where I struggle.

So, I'm sealing the lid on this belated post (pushed aside the last few days by more required adventures in life) and saying: the struggle is real.

We are inundated with how to improve and how to do things right. And this can really be fun and exciting.
But when scheduling your chores becomes a chore, maybe it's time to step back and reassess.

Sometimes improving means taking the time to refuel ourselves.

Don't forget to enjoy life. It's not all about checking things off a list.