Saturday, April 21, 2018

Post Title - how I write this blog

Usually my weekly posts starts out as a title.

Sometimes I have something in mind I want to write about, but usually I sit down to a blank screen and a phrase or juxtaposition of words pops into my head.

From there I think about the phrase and come up with the first sentence (or sometimes the middle or end of the post).

Sometimes, like last week, I go back and alter the title to better fit the post. Last week's post started out as "Any Other Day: Recompense for Our Failures". That hardly fit the final product, thus the change.

Sometimes I get the idea early in the week (this one for instance starts on Monday). Other times it might be Thursday evening when I go "Oh, crap!" and start brainstorming.

I know that these aren't immaculate gathering of words. They are mostly just semi-intellectual vomit that I try to put into a cohesive structure that is legible.

Sometimes, I find that the weird flow of the post suits it better and trying to 'reign it in' only convolutes, so they often read more like stream of conscience than well plotted devices.

Somehow, this post practically wrote itself.

If you find yourself reading this or any of my other 'drivel', I hope you find something in it.
If not, graze elsewhere, my feelings will not be hurt.

Until next time...


Thank you for your patience in waiting for this post. 
We took the kids to a Star Wars themed STEM last night (a blast(er)!) and didn't get in until late.
I promptly went to bed upon arrival.