Saturday, April 7, 2018

Our House is On Fire: an allegory

Our House is On Fire.

Here we are, self appointed Firemen of the World...
and our House is on Fire.

We have a history of fighting House fires elsewhere.
Our proven method: fight fire with fire.

Has this campaign of flames proven effective?

Houses have burned; we wait for them to rise again like a phoenix, but in our image.
Houses continue to burn; fire rages within these houses, the fires born there, and the fires we bring.
Houses smolder, not quite ruin, but not yet destroyed. Some rooms remain intact and the occupants have become accustomed to the odor of smoke.

If we are going to continue to be Firemen, maybe we should take a step back and review our methodology.
Maybe not burn it all to the ground.

Learn to harness the other elements.
Be creative instead of destructive.
Produce instead of consume.

If we continue down our current path, I fear that we will find ourselves amidst the ashes of our own home.