Saturday, April 28, 2018

If Turds Tasted Like Strawberries...

Would we eat them?

Children often eat their boogers, but I rarely have heard of them eating their feces (I mean, a quick google search and it happens, but I am not sure how often).

I have always found it interesting how we decide what we will and will not eat.

I enjoy trying a wide variety of foods. I love dropping in on an Asian Market and scouring the shelves for something new to wet my palate.
  • Sometimes this ends with me losing my nerve if I don't try to consume it immediately after purchase (case in point: jar of pickled snake head fish that when opened had the most horrendous smell that I can't compare to anything else I have ever experienced)
But would I ever willingly consume my own excrement? I can't think of any non-dire situations that would drive me to do so.

I always think of the original Robocop movie when talk turns to eating poo. That's probably what has started me, so long ago, that this was even a thing.

If we didn't eat some crap (Hah! Pun intended) would it be more feasible?
(by the way, eating feces (your own or others) is called coprophagia)
I mean, transplanting feces to a host digestive system to promote good bacteria cultivation is a process that seems to have several good benefits for those who require it.

I digress. My real question here is: what makes us eat the things we eat?
Or even like the things we like?

While driving my wife to the store I was mulling this over.

Influence. I believe the majority of the reason we do almost everything is because of how we are influenced.

From how we were raised by our parents. To what our friends do (because of their parents). Colleuges (because of THEIR parents). And so on and so forth.

Because of an article you read you gain interest in this over that.

Because you read this article, you may look at your poop differently (and you should look at your poop. It's a good way to gauge your overall health!).