Friday, March 30, 2018

For Lack of Slack - whatever that is

I have not usually waited this late into the week before starting to write my Friday post.
Just nothing popped up to me this week to write.

So I sat down today and wrote the title as the first thing that popped in my head.
Mostly because I felt I had been slacking to write anything this week.
Partly to reference the Church of the SubGenius for ... reasons.

The reasons being: that's what popped in my head when I thought of slack!

I have spent some little time looking into the Church, and have had friends that were card carrying members (I will note here that I, too, have a card that says I'm a member!).
I have spent more time with Discordianism which I prefer of the two, mostly because it seems less complicated and I love the so-called worship of the goddess Eris ("All Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!").

Slack may be the natural state. The thing that we have forgotten about in our ignorance, covering it up with the unending detritus of our lives.

Slack works pretty well for me. I think we often try too hard. When we try(we do need to try).

We take ourselves so seriously. This is where so many hard feelings come from.
How can we not taking almost everything as a slight when we walk around so full of ourselves?

So often we are on either side of that line. We are either giving up before we start, or we are pushing the doors down without even trying the handle!

Find the middle.


Last, but not least: today is Good Friday, so have a good Friday!