The List(s)

Some time ago I decided to have a daily mantra.
I thought: "Always try to do the right thing."
Seems reasonable, right?

I even had some wrist bands created. Got the family to wear them.
Then I thought: "Maybe this is too hard. Too harsh a goal to put on someone."

So I thought on it.

Now I have a new mantra: "Don't be an asshole."
Achievable. Sustainable. Simple.

This is #1 on my list of navigating life.

  1. Don't be an asshole.
  2. Dance more.
  3. Give compliments.

Maybe those will change in order or content as I give it more thought, but for now those are my top 3 points of advice for life.

At number 4 I would have:
       4. Don't give/loan someone/anyone a book that you haven't read (unless it's something they have requested.