Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Things I am doing and the stuff that I am using to do it.

Yes. I have been gone from here for a while.
I hate to say that I'm 'busy', but... it is what it is.

So right now, my spare time has gone to Lego Legacy.
I have been playing this on my phone since I got the notification that it had released.
I'm not sure what makes it so appealing. It may be a lot nostalgia and a little how simple it is.
As I find myself having more and more things that are vying for my attention I am less likely to spend time on any games that require a lot of attention.

What else am I doing?  See you after the break.

Not as often as I would like. Obviously I have not been making it a priority.
But I did purchase the Hemingway Desktop app and have been writing and releasing some short stories on Wattpad.
The latest story I am writing I have been using the Hemingway app to write it with no color warnings!  It's an interesting challenge, as I tend to write over-complex sentences.
This has forced me to look at simpler, more accessible, ways for me to get an idea across.
Note, you can use the online Hemingway app for free - caveat being that you do not have an option to save files from here, so there is likely a lot of copy/paste involved when using it.

To podcasts, audio-books, and music!
I have joined the cult of bone conduction headphones users.
I splurged on the AfterShokz Aeropex and love it.  I almost need 2 so I can always have one on that's charged.
For podcasts I'm listening with Pocket Casts.
For audio-books, I'm primarily listening through Audible - of which I have 100's of books accumulated.
For music I mostly listen through Google Play Music, but have used Apple Music (it comes as part of my Verizon package).
I also try to use Aura for short meditations and Brain.fm to unwind in the evening (while reading comic books or drawing!)

Marvel Unlimited.
This service/application has grown so much in the years since it first released. I have been an avid user since December 28th, 2012 - the self Christmas gift that keeps on giving.
I actually had the top review on Google Play for that app for a while.

Ok. This I can be improving on.
But I am holding to the mantra of "every move matters".
After some bouts of illness (had the flu) I am getting back to using my standing desk.
Am working in short walks (outside when the weather permits).
I am also using some of these quick exercises from MindBodyGreen: 6-Move Workout

I did the Whole30!
Aside from the hungover feeling of the first few days, it went very well.  I generally eat fairly healthy and have been scrutinizing food labels for a while now.  This lent well to this exercise - thought there were several times I picked up an item at the grocery store with hopes of taking it home to find some ingredient put it out of compliance.
Post Whole30 the biggest changes I have made are:
 - cut way back on dairy products
 - very little to no added sugars (the big exception being a day when I was upset and angry and drank a root beer - and appropriately felt terrible after(physically))
I did slip on my intermittent fasting routing (I was hungry ALL THE TIME on the Whole30), but am back on track with my hero the Zero app!