Thursday, December 12, 2019

Pearl Jam on

Yesterday I got a Pearl Jam email about 400+ of their live shows now streaming on

Until yesterday I had never heard of the service.  The email offers a deal for 3 months at $0.99, I believe you can get this deal here.. WIthout the link they have a 30 day Trial you can sign up for.

After the Trial or $0.99 for 3 months deal, the price per months takes quite a leap to $12.99.

So I spent several hours debating on signing up.
Finally, and after my wife told me several times to just do it, I signed up for the 3 months deal. Not a bad deal for the service for 3 months, and then I can cancel or decide if I want to keep it.

Another bonus to me was that there are Wilco shows also. That's 2 of my favorite bands, and I love listening to live shows. Because I get anxiety about it, I usually don't go to live shows.

To kick my listening off I started with the latest PJ show: SEP 4, 2018 at Fenway Park, MA.

This recording is streamed in the MQA format, which to my knowledge I have never listened.

Donning my MPOW H10 headset, I start streaming.

It's not long before I'm walking around the house making my family listen to the outro to Arms Aloft (Joe Strummer cover).  It was amazing to me how well I could pick out the layers of guitar, bass, and drums.

But then, I don't know if this has anything to do with most of my listening over the past years or more coming from a single speaker a'la Google Home Mini, or from my phones speaker (which is pretty great on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9).

But this was something awesome.  And a show I had yet to hear.

When Pearl Jam started releasing their "bootlegs" I bought them up whenever I could find them. I even kept an index card in my wallet that I had listed out all of the available shows on so I could check them off when I got them and make sure I didn't buy doubles.

It wasn't long until this because more difficult to do financially. BUT, those I did accumulate, and there were quite a few, I pretty much memorized the set list and just by listening could tell what song would be next.  

I listened to them a lot.

So now I have at least 3 months to binge some PJ and Wilco.  I did go through the list of available shows and create an eclectic Playlist (right now at 155 songs/ 12:21:33 hours) with bands from the Raconteurs to David Bowie to Cypress Hill.

So now I know what I'll be doing for Christmas: Rocking out!