Monday, December 31, 2018

Family Newsletter - Ringing Out the Old Year

As 2018 draws to a close, I thought we would sit back and take stock.
I have interviewed myself below for some insights into how I felt about the passing year.
Here are the highlights are:

  • I read a lot. I listened a lot (to Audible books). And I alternated between the two. 
  • I finally got the title "promotion" that I had been jockeying for. And that changes to another title as I take on new responsibilities in a new position at the beginning of 2019 at OSG.
  • I joined the PBC-TN Board of Directors. This has been a very interesting journey since June, and I look forward to becoming more comfortable and involved in the new year.
  • I learned a lot - particularly on dealing with people (especially children) - from the Love & Logic podcast.
  • I started walking regularly. Mostly daily. I am doing a Baby Steps to 5k program through Samsung Health, and so far this month I have gotten 3 stars on the monthly global step challenge. I did manage to get up into the top 20% of steps for all Samsung Health users, then I was sick for a few days and let me say: how quickly we fall behind!
  • I floss regularly! Now, 'regularly' is relative, of course. My dental hygienist told me that I needed to start flossing at least once a week. I thought "I can do that!" and for about 4 weeks I did. Now I do it about every other week. For some reason I view it as such a chore, so keep putting it off. I am trying to change my view though, so I can get back to a weekly routine.
Favorites of the year:
  • Favorite podcast: Lore. I have listened to a lot of podcasts this year, but I really think Lore is my favorite. I am all caught up, too!
  • Favorite book: Caliban's War by James S.A. Corey. We watched 'The Expanse' on Amazon Prime Video, and I decided to take up the book series while waiting for the next season. I really liked this one. Laughed a lot. Cried a few times. 
  • Favorite Movie: Black Panther. Maybe? The most fun I had watching a movie was introducing The Princess Bride to the boys. Somehow they had never seen it. My sister would watch it every day during Summer breaks. We also shared other gems like: Groundhog Day, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and Willow.
  • Favorite Meal: This one is hard to peg down. This year I learned that I am a pretty good cook, so have made some savory meals for the family to enjoy (even if the kids didn't!). I also started a monthly ritual of taking each of our sons out individually for a meal somewhere of their choice. Those have always been nice for the few months we have been doing it.
  • Favorite Color: Yellow. I have decided to throw off my grey obsession and choose something lively from the light spectrum!

  • Worst day: Getting a call from my wife that she had fallen and broken her ankle while I was on the other side of the country. I felt so bad for her and so helpless that I wasn't anywhere even close to being able to help.
  • Worst habit: Giving into anger and frustration. Blaming myself when things weren't going well.
  • Worst movie: It's probably a tie between Rampage and Skyscraper. Come on, the Rock, you can do better!
  • Worst book: was it this year that we finished listening to Frankenstein on Audible?  If so, yes, worst book. Bored me until my ears were bleeding. 
  • Worst meal: I believe this was the year of the molded bean dip. That was very rough on the tummy!

Well, that's it. 
Maybe I'll give more time to blogging in 2019. 
Stay tuned!

Oh yeh, I meant to ask the rest of the family about their years in the last week, but have been suffering under a sinus infection in that time, so all you get is my input. :(