Saturday, July 7, 2018

Mind Games - Family D&D game goes to Ravenloft!

This past weekend we finally got back together as a family to sit around and try-not-to-die.

Meaning, that we squared away some time for D&D as a family.
We have played about 6 sessions now and they get better every time.

I myself and GMing the group, with my wife and 2 younger boys a players.
We started out with the D&D Adventures League 'Harried in Hillsfar' adventure that I purchased from At that time I hadn't decided to move into Ravenloft (which I have always wanted to run), or would have probably started with something more along that lines.

But 'Harried in Hillsfar' was a great start for the players. And for me as a Game Master.

Wrapping up the final adventure from 'HiH' was a great time for the dreaded Mists to set in.

I put the players through 40 minutes of wandering aimlessly through the Mists to build up the hopelessness and confusion and distrust that would greet them in Ravenloft.

They lost their pack Mule, Butterscotch, when the Mists enveloped them, and once they finally exited the Mists they were stalked by some noise-some best at a distance.

This really got their hackles up, and as they finally decided to wait in ambush it was dramatically revealed to have been the mule and my wife laughed for 20 minutes because the tension had been so high.

We finished the next day about halfway through Death House, and I expect we will finish that up this weekend.

It is a really fun time, spending with the family, and I hope we get into a regular routine of it.