Saturday, May 5, 2018

Entropy and the Egg - the Long View

It's been a rough end of the week, so I have struggled to write something that wasn't morose and ... well, more morose.

Our last chicken of 6 died yesterday morning.  I was quite attached to her. We had a routine. She was a fighter. She was very motherly (she was the one that would brood on the clutch of eggs when there had been enough accumulated).

There are many topics that have been spinning from my head following her demise, but I couldn't pin them down in any way that might be even more meandering than my usual posts.

So I decided on some thoughts on entropy I had during a mediation session last weekend.

We say that entropy is proven by a broken egg: We can't put that egg back together the same way it was before.

Humpty Dumpty doesn't stand a chance.

While I was chasing the thought rabbit during meditation (so maybe it wasn't meditation, maybe it was...) I had a thought: Entropy is the Short View.

In the Long View of the Universe, Multiverse, whatever, there is a chance as things are destroyed and come back together for that same egg to be rebuilt over billions of years molecule by molecule.

We just have to be patient.

We were once the stuff of stars. Still are, for all practicality.

We will likely be the stuff of stars again.

Our bodies will cease to move. We will become dirt and ash. The sun that our planet rotates around will eventually explode into a red giant and incinerate everything that we have ever known.

Our molecules will be thrown wide and far. Some maybe drawn back in some back draft of the white dwarf our sun eventually becomes.

And then how long before those same molecules become an egg? Or does the chicken come first? :p

I don't know, my calculator ran out of space for numbers.

Needless to say: it's an interesting thought.

Only time will tell.