Saturday, April 4, 2020

My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wishlist

I and my family have been enjoying the new Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch.
It has been a great distraction from an otherwise not-so-great time period (I'm talking 'bout you, COVID-19).

Here is my wishlist:

  1. Access to storage materials when crafting from inside my house
  2. Tools do not take up personal inventory space (with Tool Wheel)
  3. Tool health/degrade bar (please!)
  4. Beards - I rock one in real life. I want my AC avatar to share the same joy
  5. In-game console to play previous AC games (how META!!!)
  6. Remote play - play from the Nintendo Switch Online app on my phone
  7. And finally, a hook-shot

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Things I am doing and the stuff that I am using to do it.

Yes. I have been gone from here for a while.
I hate to say that I'm 'busy', but... it is what it is.

So right now, my spare time has gone to Lego Legacy.
I have been playing this on my phone since I got the notification that it had released.
I'm not sure what makes it so appealing. It may be a lot nostalgia and a little how simple it is.
As I find myself having more and more things that are vying for my attention I am less likely to spend time on any games that require a lot of attention.

What else am I doing?  See you after the break.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Pearl Jam on

Yesterday I got a Pearl Jam email about 400+ of their live shows now streaming on

Until yesterday I had never heard of the service.  The email offers a deal for 3 months at $0.99, I believe you can get this deal here.. WIthout the link they have a 30 day Trial you can sign up for.

After the Trial or $0.99 for 3 months deal, the price per months takes quite a leap to $12.99.

So I spent several hours debating on signing up.